quadblock can do a lot for you—and more features are constantly being developed. Most current features are listed below. Get in touch if your favorite feature is missing, we love to hear feedback.

Cap Table on Steroids

  • Funding Round Modeling
  • Full Transaction History
  • Consistency Checks
  • Transaction Filters
  • Convertible Loans
  • Stock Split
  • Unlimited Share Classes
  • Numbered shares

Employee Incentives

  • Employee Options
  • Approved Capital Pools
  • Vesting Schedules
  • Fully-diluted View
  • Employee Login
  • Multiple Administrators
  • Read-only Access
  • Investor Dashboard

And Much More

  • Secure Document Storage
  • Attach Documents to Transactions
  • Spreadsheet Import
  • Customizable PDF Reports
  • CSV Export
  • Send Holding Confirmations
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Audit Trails