Guaranteed Error-Free

Did you know that many share registers are incomplete or contain errors? Building a share register with Excel or Word can quickly lead to inconsistencies. Set up your shares with quadblock and be sure that all data is consistent at any time.

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Funding Round Modeling

What’s the stake percentage of the founders after a VC invests $2,000,000 at a valuation of $7,500,000 taking into account the 2 outstanding convertible loans and increasing the ESOP pool?
Honestly, we don’t know. But quadblock does.

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Funding Round Modeling

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Let your employees be part of your company’s success. quadblock supports vested stock, options, inverse vesting, ESOP pools, and much more.
Employees can even log in to quadblock and track their vested shares in real-time.

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Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Reporting & Documents

Oh, it’s tax season again, and 50 holding confirmations are waiting to be sent to your shareholders. This means pasting names into document templates, computing the tax value of all shares…
Don’t worry. Generate and send all relevant documents with a single click on quadblock.

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Reporting & Documents

Investor Dashboard

Are you an investor and want to track your portfolio companies? The founders are busy and the numbers they give you are different from your own records?
With their share register on quadblock, there’s only a single source of truth. Convince your companies, and you will never miss anything regarding your investments.

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the Investor Dashboard


Cap table data is sensitive. That’s why we genuinely care about your privacy.
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Your data is safe with us. Enjoy the highest security standards. No kidding.
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