Make your employees happy

Are you building a fast-growing company and want your valuable employees to be part of your success? quadblock offers you a powerful module to manage your employee stock ownership plans. No matter if you transfer real stock from your company to an employee, options from a fixed-size pool or even phantom stock.

Add a vesting schedule to your ESOPs and track their status in real-time. Coolest thing ever, let your employees log in to quadblock and allow them to see at any point in time how much stock they have already vested and how many shares are still outstanding.

Go to your Transactions page and click the Add incentive button to get started.

Add incentive plan

You can create a detailed vesting schedule by defining over how many months the shares are to be vested if there’s a cliff and how often a new batch of shares gets assigned to the employee.
As soon as you enter the first numbers, you will see a visual representation of the current schedule.

Vesting schedule for ESOPs

In the case that your employee shares are implemented as options or phantom stock, you might want to define an ESOP pool first. Click the Add pool to create an options or phantom stock pool of a given share class and a fixed size.

Add an incentives pool

After you have added a pool, you can select it from the incentives screen. Check back at your Cap Table and press Fully diluted to see the newly created pool and employee incentives!

Add incentives from a pool

Keep your employees engaged

Once your incentives are submitted to quadblock, it’s time to engage your employees. They can log in to quadblock themselves with their email address at any time and see how many shares they have already vested.

ESOPs in the employee dashboard

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