Explore new scenarios for upcoming financing rounds interactively

Is your startup running well and you’re already thinking about a new financing round to fuel your growth and take your company to the next level?

Enter a valuation, and you will see how your convertibles apply to your cap table immediately. If your convertible has a cap, discount or an interest—quadblock does the math for you. Add an investment and enter the value of the investment. Watch in real-time how the new investment impacts your current shareholder distribution.

You can find the round modeling tool directly on the Cap Table page.

Round Modeling

Scroll down, and you will notice that the cap table now indicates the Round Modeling mode. This gives you a detailed overview of who owns how many shares after applying the new financing round. Cool, eh?

Cap table during round modeling

Share your scenarios

After you’re finished with modeling your financing round, you can download the scenario as a PDF document and share it with your co-founders, lawyers and investors. The document includes the pre- and post-money valuation of your company, all investments, and convertibles with their resulting share price and the number of shares and, of course, the resulting cap table. At the end of the document, you will also find valuable plots to visualize the new development step of your company.

PDF export of the financing round

Convert to transactions

As soon as you’re done with your financing round, hit the Convert button. This will transform the scenario into real transactions for your share register and make it visible to all shareholders and investors.

Convert financing round

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